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A part of me

by dorrr

You made your way in and I made way for you. It was subtle. Almost unnoticeable. But you settled there, making it your home. I forgot that you weren’t meant to be here and I lived around you and made room, concessions and exceptions for you. Over time, I even considered you in my plans and regarded you in my actions. Like a foreign object left in my body for too long; cell by cell, epithelial by epithelial, I grew around you and you became a part of me. Tethered to me. I forgot that you and I weren’t meant to cohabit; that I wasn’t meant to live with you.


Too (original)

by dorrr

I remember this RT circulating around Twitter 2 years ago. It was an “RIP” tweet about a teen who had died from falling off the ledge of his home. I don’t quite remember his exact name. Ivan? Ian? Isaac? None of the above?

I remember following the retweets back to the source. Reading about him on Yahoo News. Reading the tweets of his dear friends. I didn’t even know him. But I remember being made aware that day of the transience of life. I remember thinking that: as heartwarming as these thoughts and gestures from his close friends were, they would still move on with life because that is what you do and that is how life is. It moves and it pushes and pulls and as painful as it is, you move on because you have to. I remember thinking that the pain his friends felt for him would lessen with the days, whether or not they knew it. The memories would dissipate into the recesses of their mind, fleeting and eluding them like a breath of wind. 

I remembered that he would be forgotten.

& I proceeded to write this song.


I genuinely hope you appreciate and enjoy it. xx. 

by dorrr


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by dorrr